Y H Rama Krishna
Yeleswarapu Hanuma RamaKrishna
యేలేశ్వరపు హనుమ రామకృష్ణ
(1951 - 2018)
Upanishad Udyanavanam
ఉపనిషత్ ఉద్యానవనం
(108+ Upanishads with Commentary in Telugu)
ఉపనిషత్ ఉద్యానవనం - Volume 1 [PDF]
ఉపనిషత్ ఉద్యానవనం - Volume 2 [PDF]
ఉపనిషత్ ఉద్యానవనం - Volume 3 [PDF]
ఉపనిషత్ ఉద్యానవనం - Volume 4 [PDF]
ఉపనిషత్ ఉద్యానవనం - Volume 5 [PDF] - the LATEST publication
ఉపనిషత్ ఉద్యానవనం - Volume 6 (Work In Progress for this last part)

Listing of 108+ Upanishads and Mapping to the book Volumes

Contact for physical books:
B Sai Kumar
Hasitha Graphics and Printers
19, Gulabi Thota, Near Water Words
Eluru - 534001 (Andhra Pradesh)
Mobile: +91 9704275472
Email: hasitha999666@gmail.com
Vasishta Rama Samvadam
వసిష్ఠ రామ సంవాదం
(Yoga Vasishta యోగ వాసిష్ఠము in Telugu)
Newer Publication (by Sri Rama Krishna Math, Hyderabad):

వసిష్ఠ రామ సంవాదం in Volumes 1-4 [PDF]

This is a complete translation of Valmiki Maharshi's Yoga Vasishta into Telugu prose in colloquial style.

Contact for physical books:
You can get as a set (only) of 4 volumes in any of RK Math ashrams and book stores.
You can also Order Online at RK Math Online Store
You can also Order Online at JSNbooks

Older Publication (Out of Print):
Published by Author himself as a set of 8 volumes
Volume-1, Volume-2, Volume-3, Volume-4,
Volume-5, Volume-6, Volume-7, Volume-8
[Adobe Pagemaker Format]
Bhagawad Gita
భగవద్గీత అధ్యయన పుష్పం
(Commentary in Telugu)
Front Cover of the Book [PDF]
Original Slokas with Sandhi Split [PDF]
Commentary of YHRK [PDF]
Book in Adobe Pagemaker Format

Contact for physical books:
B Sai Kumar
Mobile: +91 9704275472
Email: hasitha999666@gmail.com
Uddhava Gita
ఉద్ధవ గీత
శ్రీ కృష్ణ - శ్రీ ఉద్ధవ సంవాదము
శ్రీ కృష్ణ - శ్రీ ఉద్ధవ సంవాదము [PDF] - A Book with an Interpretative Commentary on the famous Uddhava Gita from Sri Bhagavatam, which is a discussion between Sri Krishna and his friend Uddhava. This is the final teaching of Sri Krishna just before about to withdraw his incarnation.

Contact for physical books:
B Sai Kumar
Mobile: +91 9704275472
Email: hasitha999666@gmail.com
Golla Kalapam
గొల్ల కలాపం
కూచిపూడి నాట్య వేద ఆత్మ యజ్ఞము
కూచిపూడి నాట్య వేద ఆత్మ యజ్ఞము - గొల్ల కలాపము [Scanned PDF] - Book on a Kuchipudi Dance Drama with Philosophical Interpretation. The Drama, by name Golla Kalapam, is a spiritual discussion between a learned Brahmin and a Self-realized Milk Maid.

Contact for physical books:
B Sai Kumar
Mobile: +91 9704275472
Email: hasitha999666@gmail.com
(ఇతర రచనలు)
  • శ్రీ నారద ప్రణీత భక్తి సూత్రములు - భాష్యము [Scanned PDF] - A Book with Commentary by Sri YHRK on Narada Maharshi's Bhakthi Aphorisms

  • గాన లహరీ సౌరభాలు [Scanned PDF] - A Book with the Collection of Tattva Songs composed by Bhagavatar Sri Yeleswarapu RamaKrishnaiah, grand father of YHRK. It comprises YHRK's commentary with deep philosophical insights on each song.

  • పునర్జన్మ ఉన్నదా? లేదా?- An Article
  • Bhagawad Gita
    Audio Lectures in Telugu
    భగవద్గీత ఉపన్యాసములు
    [All audio files are in MP3 format, can be streamed and downloaded]
    Chapter 01 - అర్జున విషాద యోగం
    Chapter 02 - సాంఖ్య యోగం
    Chapter 03 - కర్మ యోగం
    Chapter 04 - జ్ఞాన యోగం
    Chapter 05 - కర్మ సన్యాస యోగం
    Chapter 06 - ఆత్మ సంయమ యోగం
    Chapter 07 - విజ్ఞాన యోగం
    Chapter 08 - అక్షర పరబ్రహ్మ యోగం
    Chapter 09 - రాజవిద్యా రాజగుహ్య యోగం
    Chapter 10 - విభూతి యోగం
    Chapter 11 - విశ్వరూప సందర్శన యోగం
    Chapter 12 - భక్తి యోగం
    Chapter 13 - క్షేత్ర క్షేత్రజ్ఞ విభాగ యోగం
    Chapter 14 - గుణ త్రయ విభాగ యోగం
    Chapter 15 - పురుషోత్తమ ప్రాప్తి యోగం
    Chapter 16 - దైవ అసుర సంపద్ విభాగ యోగం
    Chapter 17 - శ్రద్ధా త్రయ విభాగ యోగం
    Chapter 18 - మోక్ష సన్యాస యోగం
    Vasishta Rama Samvadam
    Audio Lectures in Telugu
    వసిష్ఠ రామ సంవాదం ఉపన్యాసములు
    [All audio files are in MP3 format, can be streamed and downloaded]
    పరిచయ వాక్యములు

    వైరాగ్య ప్రకరణము

    ముముక్షు వ్యవహార ప్రకరణము

    ఉత్పత్తి ప్రకరణము

    NOTE: Only these audio lectures on Vasishta Rama Samvadam were delivered by Sri YHRK.

    A Casual Lecture given in Vegivadu, near Eluru, on 20-Jan-2018
    Vasishta Rama Samvadam
    Video Lectures in Telugu
    వసిష్ఠ రామ సంవాదం వీడియో ఉపన్యాసములు
    [All video files are in MPEG format, cannot be streamed but downloadable]
    Day#01 2015-11-27

    Day#02 2015-11-28

    Day#03 2015-12-01

    Day#04 2015-12-02

    Day#05 2015-12-03

    Day#06 2015-12-04

    NOTE: Only these video lectures on Vasishta Rama Samvadam were delivered by Sri YHRK.
    Brief Profile of Sri Yeleswarapu Hanuma Rama Krishna

    Sri Y H Rama Krishna was born on 20 July, 1951 at Bhavadevarapalli village, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India. He spent his childhood in the nearby Kuchipudi village, which is famous for the classical dance. He made his primary school education in Kuchipudi village and then got graduated in Bachelors of Commerce from Hindu College, Machilipatnam, in distinction with a Gold Medal during 1968-1971. Later, he acquired Certified Associate from Indian Institute of Bankers.

    He was employed in Andhra Bank in 1972 and served this Organization until September, 2010. During his thirty eight years tenure, he served at various positions as Clerk, Cashier, Branch Manager, Training Faculty, Senior Manager and finally retired as Chief Manager. He worked in various places in Andhra Pradesh including Khammam, Vijayawada, Nellore, Eluru, Hyderabad and Tirupathi.

    Sri Y H Rama Krishna produced the most of his literary works like translating complete Yoga Vasishta (around 32,000 slokas) in Telugu colloquial prose, writing interpretative commentaries on Bhagawad Gita and Uddhava Gita in Telugu prose, and so forth, with his hard work of about 20 years while being in service in Andhra Bank. He was well known and loved by his colleagues in his Organization for his attitude, knowledge, and efficiency.

    After retiring from Andhra Bank, he got settled back in his native place with family. He lived in his own house in Kuchipudi village (Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India). He continued to spend his life on further literary works.

    Post retirement, he took over another gigantic task of interpretatively commenting on all available (108+) Upanishads in Telugu prose, which was published in six volumes.

    Sri Y H Rama Krishna was demised on 25 December, 2018.

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